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Luxury British and German Kitchens


White & Walnut Kitchen

A stunning contemporary white & walnut shaker kitchen completed for our Tunbridge Wells based client. This kitchen has beautiful quartz countertops, black appliances, a new utility area, and a stunning walnut veneer kitchen island. If you're on the hunt for modern white shaker kitchen ideas or after walnut kitchen cabinets then this is the kitchen for you. Explore this made-to-order kitchen with us in more detail now.

walnut kitchen cuboards



Black AEG Ovens & Appliances


Cimstone Cortina Quartz Worktops


British made Wallnut and Little Greene Loft White

Kitchen Island

Fat Slab Cimstone with walnut reeded panelling


Black butt hinges and handles


Tunbridge Wells, Kent

This modern white and walnut kitchen is constructed from British-made Inframe cabinetry. A large fat slab kitchen island made of white Cimstone Cortina Quartz and walnut paneling accompanies it. As always with Ornate - This truly is a one-of-a-kind luxury bespoke kitchen.

Made entirely in Britain, the Inframe kitchen cabinet design is precise and elegant. Providing a clean, contemporary foundation the choice of Little Greene Loft White paint on the cabinets elevates the kitchen's sophistication. Subtle accents, such as black butt hinges and hardware, add a touch of contrast and modernity to the classic cabinetry.

open plan white contemporary kitchen

Walnut Kitchen Island

The kitchen's centerpiece, the walnut kitchen island, is a striking statement of luxury and design innovation. A white kitchen island with Cimstone Cortina Quartz and Walnut cabinets gives a cozy and welcoming feel. A unique walnut reed paneling backs it and the flank of walnut kitchen cabinets provide ample storage space around rest of the kitchen island.

This deliberate selection of white quartz and walnut kitchen cabinets injects character and warmth into an otherwise modern white kitchen space. Kitchen islands are a great way to introduce additional workspace to a kitchen and when they come as stunning as this one they act as a source of aesthetic appeal too. What better way to create a new focal point in your home!

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