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Traditional Kitchens

Indulge yourself in an Ornate Traditional kitchen. Featuring classic design elements like shaker doors, traditional materials and warm, inviting colour palettes. 

Classic traditional kitchens with style

If you’re looking for a bespoke traditional shaker kitchen in Tunbridge Wells or the South East, look no further than Ornate Kitchens. Specialising in shaker kitchen cabinets which are both luxurious and timeless, we design and install fully-fitted traditional shaker kitchens for homes in and around the Tunbridge Wells area.

Typical specification


Quartz / Porcelain / Wood


BORA Pure Induction / Range Cooker

Integrated Appliances

AEG / NEFF / Caple


Recessed LED Spots & Strip Lighting


Painted Doors/Wood Veneers


Painted to Order

Misc Features

Handles / Panty Units / Belfast Sinks

Typical Kitchen Cost

£20,000 - £25,000 +

As always with us, our traditional kitchens can be configured in a style, colour or finish that suits you and your home best. No matter if it's Shaker style, in-frame, orange or black, we always take great pride in the quality, design and durability of our beautiful traditional kitchens. 

Talk to us today about our traditional kitchen offerings and you can be sure of a timeless kitchen for you to enjoy for many long years ahead.

traditional shaker kitchen design

Timeless style with a Shaker kitchen

Anyone who loves elegant English cabinetry will love Ornate Kitchen’s range of beautifully understated traditional shaker kitchen furniture. The distinctive square-framed design of the classic Shaker door sits elegantly in many different property styles. 

The hallmark of a traditional shaker kitchen lies in its beautifully crafted, solid wood cabinets with recessed panels, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood grain. This understated elegance extends to the choice of hardware, often featuring simple and unadorned handles or knobs. 

If you're looking to add a bit of that Shaker style to your home, then look no further than an Ornate Traditional kitchen.

traditional wood kitchen

Understated elegance

Complete the look. Traditional kitchens often incorporate vintage-inspired fixtures and accessories. Delicate pendant lights, ornate faucets, and intricate tile backsplashes are just a few examples of the details that contribute to the overall charm of the space. These elements, combined with the warmth and comfort that traditional kitchens exude, make them a beloved choice for those seeking a timeless and inviting culinary haven!

Here at Ornate, we work with several suppliers of beautifully crafted fixtures and fittings from handles, knobs, taps, tiles and lighting we'll work with you to bring your dream to life.

traditional kitchen cuboard

Storage considered as standard

Ample storage should always be a key consideration when designing a new kitchen. Our traditional shaker kitchens come with spacious cabinets and cupboards often packed with various ingeniously crafted storage solutions. Perfect for accommodating all your traditional kitchen essentials.

From the sprayed wooden cabinetry adorned with intricately detailed fixtures and fittings to elegant countertops and surfaces like marble or granite, every aspect of an Ornate Traditional shaker kitchen is carefully curated to create a welcoming, inviting but functional space.

Schedule a consultation

Schedule a design consultation with us today and begin your journey to a new Ornate kitchen! Every consultation involves a thorough, tried and tested process where we extract all the information we require to develop a full detailed price quotation and photo-realistic CAD designs. This involves exploring your aspirations, desires and building a better understanding of your home.

See us in our Tunbridge Wells showroom for a face-to-face or schedule a digital consultation via Zoom - the choice is yours!

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